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Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie

Ana Pascal.

If you have not seen Stranger Than Fiction   you are missing out!

I love the character Ana Pascal for many reasons. For Starters, I am jealous of her job. I would love to own a bakery that I live above and just bake all day. I would kill for that job.  I adore her style and her personality.  I admore her carefree screw everyone else attitude. Of course she is softened a bit through out the movie, and thats okay too, it just shows that you can grow as a person, but still not lose who you are completely. 

—Get bent Tax MAN!


OK I was looking up this scene for the spot—to file under Sexy Women… You know, there are plenty of pin up photos of “sexy” Maggie Gyllenhaal out there, which I don’t find sexy. Sexy is this woman baking telling the Tax man to get bent! I loved her in this film. Sexy is not always blatant.


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