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Yeah, so, whatis wrong with wire bound!? They stay open and lay flat, right? That’s a huge plus. In fact If I had time, I’d go to kinkos and have them chop the spine of some of my favorite cookbooks and rebind them in wire or plastic. Now…wirebound inside a nice leather carry case of some sort…sure. My e-book has a nice jacket and I pimped it up with some beads and dangly things… It is nice to have a good cover but it does have to be functional.


so B was all catty about my sketchbook being cheap and wirebound, LOL, which got me looking at other options and i bought the book above and it is so unbelievably beautiful. i can’t wait to use it! but of course i will, because, like,

1 – i’m not wasteful so i feel compelled to finish the current book (and i don’t know what the prob with it being wirebound is)

2 – i’m almost not sure i deserve such a gorgeous book and don’t want to ruin it. so yeah, i’m gonna keep practicing in my cheapy for a bit.

but so, this book, that is so perfect (fits in my bag, love the color/cover, really nice paper, the elastic is most marvelous), is smallish. now, that’s part of what makes it perfect. but then i realized, duh, i will want to do some bigger things too. so today i went searching for a bigger book. was most disappointed (nay, near tears) to not be able to find anything comparable to this book but in bigger sizes. 😦 so bought a hardbound (not wire) relatively cheap bigger book to use at home.


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