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fuck. I’m starving.

I want this ish…

even if I could swim in how much grease is on there…

and how I’d probably have a slow heart-attack while sleeping…

How can we be so,so close to Italy, yet so, so lacking in Mozzarella? 😦

*yes, it’s here, just too expensive.

have you ever considered making your own?  there are recipes out there and from what I understand it isn’t very hard…

To make truly mozzarella cheese you need the enzyme from a young calf raised exclusively on the spring water melted down off some glacier in Italy and hand watered by a virgin priest belonging to the order of…or something like that. I can make cottage cheese, yogurt and variations. Not Mozzarella. Not Parmesan. Not Jack. Oh God. For the love of Monterey Jack!!! *weaps uncontrollably*


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