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This would be a great follow up to Temple of My Familiar.. I keep noticing the food and diet references.



building houses out of chicken legs (2006) – psyche a williams-forson

had to read this fantastic book for my african american studies senior seminar this week. williams-forson basically argues that chicken has provided agency and power to black women in several different ways since africans arrival to the new world. its actually a very intriguing and convincing argument. williams-forson’s study is so awesomely interdisciplinary. 

at our weekly meeting, our professor brought popeyes chicken for us to eat. its important to note that the tiny seminar is made up entirely of black-identified students. i don’t think any of us would have felt comfortable eating fried chicken if there were any white students in the class, espcially considering the location and history of our university. 

Sounds interesting, I’ll have to look for it at the library.


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