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The baking soda and acid (whether lemon or vinegar) work well. Not easy to detangle hair, or use on kids—which is where I get stuck. I tried black soap-shudder. Maybe not for me. I am using it as handsoap in a recycled foamer (another way to stretch good soaps like black soap or castille-water it down and use in a foamer). If I ever try the baking soda, lemon thing again I am going to buy squeeze bottles. 




(via gaggedandcollegebound)

I really need to try this and see how well it works with my hair.

On a related note: Tumblr you always give me what I need when I need it most. I was actually thinking about this photo the other day and I was contemplating if I wanted to go through my archive of like +10,000 posts to find it because I forgot to add a tag to it the first time I reblogged it (a mistake I’m not making with this one) and I was like “Oh Tumblr! Don’t fail me now and let it somehow find its way back to my dashboard” and lo and behold it did 😀

this is perfect timing for me as well. a friend just recently convinced me to stop washing my hair on a regular basis. then another friend insisted on buying me some really expensive organic tea-tree oil shampoo that is specifically formulated to deal with a scalp issue i have. so this morning as i was letting the shampoo do its thing, i read the bottle and realized, shit, it still has chemicals (including alcohol) in it. and the first ingredient is still water. and yeah, it has some nice herbs in it. and you know, i could totes make something similar minus the chemicals out of stuff in my pantry, i’d only have to buy a small bottle of straight up tea-tree oil.


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