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isso é q é equilíbrio… (e eu nao consigo parar no 6, 9 e 21 do Fu Xin Chuan  :/


Balance training is so important to any martial arts training. They say 90% of fights end up on the ground and I think that’s because more often than not people lose their balance and fall over themselves or the other person.

Many fights will end up on the ground anyway. But training in balance is a beautiful thing, even without any justification.

Northern Crane style.

Balance is necessary for takedown defense, but it’s also the key to rapid transitions and pivots between stances to produce angles of attack during standup.

Balance also helps you walk on slippery or uneven surfaces, hold your feet on a rocking boat or train, or carry heavy loads.

Balance is also the philosophical principle and internal practice which allows you to make it through the day in an upside-down topsy-turvy world.


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