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1992 I left home and went down to the “city”. I was so lonely, and all I could think about was how nice my cousin Eric was, and all of his friends-so welcoming. Since they were all gay, I decided to find other gay people…Joined the LBGT and friends group on campus. Promptly made friends! Afterwards I was whisked off by my new friend Larry and exposed to The Cure in his living room. And Erasure. It all was so alluring and perfect I actually dropped out of college in favor of friendship and late nights, coffee, and good music. There was another LGBT youth group off campus that was really big and interesting. I met so many people there. I met Jenn there. I met gorgeous transsexuals. It was a magical time, that I will never regret—all that stuff came later. So, The Cure, they bring back memories.

The Cure | Pictures Of You


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