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March 22, 2012—DIXON PLACE, NYC
The many iconic and negative stereotypes that plague Black women, consequently have been embedded so deep in our psyches we’ve grown to put Black women in two main categories of light and dark. This pits them against each other in a myriad of ways revealing a preference of light over dark, presenting an extra level of complexities for darker toned women. Though dark may be subjective to some, the truth is there are women bleaching their medium brown complexion because she feels inferior and understands the preference and power of being lighter. From cinema to magazines, desk employee to stripper; from least favorite child to least desirable love interest, the darker complexioned woman experiences discrimination and irreverence throughout much of her life. Akynos.com presents Darkie, which aims to highlight the often overlooked beauty and talents of these darker shades of ebony by conceptualizing her struggle, pain, beauty and grace through the lens of performance art. The first Darkie installment introduces you to some of the iconic images that have presented itself as a true representation of Black women.

The box office opens 30 minutes before show time. Tickets are available in advance at www.dixonplace.org. $20


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