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Louis Wain’s cats as he progressed into schizophrenia.

Via Dangerous Minds

That’s still fuckin’ crazy and trippy as shit.

omfg fuck.

This is neat but I also want to point out that there are criticisms of this presentation of Wain’s work being used as a gauge of his psychological state:

Assembling what little factual knowledge we have on Dr Maclay’s paintings, there is clear no justification for regarding them as more than samples of Louis Wain’s art at different times. Wain experimented with patterns and cats, and even quite late in life was still producing conventional cat pictures, perhaps 10 years after his [supposedly] ‘later’ productions which are patterns rather than cats. All of which is to say no more than that the eight paintings were done at different times, which could be said of eight paintings by any artist!


Basically, these paintings might not be in chronological order. That psych textbooks like to present this as evidence of psychological deterioration in people with schizophrenia is kind of a problem because it can lead to misconceptions and generalizations about schizophrenia and what it does to someone’s perceptions and abilities.


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