More, Please!

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Things I’d like more of:

People having parties, the sound and smells wafting over to my porch. I’m not a party person, and I’d hate to be in there, but I love the alive-ness of people having a good time, and if it is not obnoxiously loud, their music. I got a whiff of pot and some good music earlier. I’m set!

To see more kids playing outside and walking together. Not going to happen in this town, sadly. Even the postwoman mentioned that she was happy to see my kids outside playing, and she was younger than me, not someone reminiscing about the glory days of the past.

Bees and butterflies. We have a bunch of hummingbirds and robins. A few squirrels, but not enough bees and butterflies. I planted for them too.

Hours in the day, or years to my life…sometimes. I want to do right here and now, but I wouldn’t mind more time to be independent and chase dreams.




Flowers. I try, but a lot hasn’t taken off here, and the drought is not helping. I sort of miss the automatic sprinklers of the old complex that we lived in. I miss my nasturtiums.



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